The Printed Word. Printed Word is a prop graphics supplier and creator working for the Film and Television Industry. We make, adapt and reproduce period and modern graphic props. Our team have the design skills , expertise and experience to create original artwork to a specific brief from a client, closely following their guidelines or produce an item following the genre of an actual graphic style so that it looks correct for it’s period or modern setting, being our material, there are no copyright issues. From our extensive archive of original and digital material, or from references supplied, we reproduce facsimiles of printed matter from all periods, to look as it would have at the time. Choosing the most appropriate papers and other materials and the best printing methods we can re- create anything from an original letter from Winston Churchill to a Victorian street hoarding. Our extensive library of digital and original material has been built up over a number of years, and continues to grow. On period and modern productions we feel that looking at the real thing is the best way to get it right for film and television. The Printed Word, the printed word, printed word, printedword, graphic props ,printed props, period and modern, library, archive, print, design, make, create, reference ,Film, Television, graphic design, copyright free, royalty free, newspapers, magazines, maps, letters, bills, passports, banking, posters, calendars, documents, photographs, certificates, greetings cards, bookjackets, calendars, reproduction, facsimilie, specialist, detail, packaging, advertising, labels.
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